Wednesday, December 17, 2008

it's all about me

You ever meet that person, the one that offended you and they end up affected? You know the one that tells you how they feel about the situation that makes you feel shitty? I just went through this, only I don't feel shitty, I am repulsed. I'm the one that got pissed. I am the one that got offended , and suddenly this person's world has been at a standstill. The worst part? I didn't get an apology you know what I got from this person? A youtube video with some scank dancing in a g-string. Yep, what am I supposed to do with that? Tell this person to shove it up their a-hole, is what. Now, I am noticing all the stuff I didn't notice before. The way this person changes everything to revolve them. They make a comment that points to them. They turn around and tell you what they are doing. They signed up for the same event and turns it to them. Disgusting especially when it is an adult.

I wonder if this is a woman thing or part of the astrological sign?

The thing about, now I fester and I don't like to fester.

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