Sunday, January 25, 2009

Bush Blow Up Doll

I wasn't aware that was occurring during the inauguration. This is the first time I heard of this. Can you imagine seeing in your neighborhood a 50 foot blow up doll of Bush? Would you take your shoe off and throw it at it or would you just keep walking? I honestly think I would throw my shoe.

I disagree with Kellyanne Conway, it isn't about being uncouth/uncool and not representing President Obama. This nation is seriously going down the toilet. It is going to take a lot from our current administration to pick us up. Bush lied. Bush took away a lot based on his "faith" and his beliefs. Bush also made the rich richer and practically got rid of the middle class.

Under Bush we went to war for fraudulent reasons, we destabilized an entire country and we immiserated an entire population.

Not only was he disliked by the majority of the electorate, he wasn't liked by the leaders of the world. In the case of the devastation that hurricane Katrina caused there was a lack of coordinated federal response. He was never really involved with the United Nations and their efforts.

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