Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My new phone

So I'm back to being a blackberry crack addict. I am going to either keep my G1 as a stand by phone or just put it on Ebay. Here were my issues and T-mobile was up to date on the issues, trust me:

1. While on a call the call would suddenly disappear. I couldn't hear anything, but the screen would show the call was still continuing. I then would push the off button and nothing. I would have to take the battery out and then put the battery in. It didn't have a set pattern of doing it.

2. E-mails. It isn't push e-mail like a blackberry, it is pull, although when it decided to pull the e-mail is beyond me. I would sit at work send myself an e-mail and then go to my cell and try to 'pull' it, nothing. I'm ok, until last week when my bro-in-law and my sister e-mailed me about getting together for my other sister, that is when I had an attack that I had missed the e-mail.

3. Bluetooth. In the State of California it is the law to not have the phone in my hands while driving. My phone and my bluetooth did not get along. My phone would take hours sometimes a whole day to finally accept that I wanted to use my bluetooth. This happened every time I answered the phone, there was a 5 second that I was saying hi and I can hear the other line but they didn't hear me.

4. My number one complaint that started the first day I used the phone: Battery life. I got the phone on the last day of October, which means I have had a hate relationship since November. On the second day of November I called T-mobile. I told them that I noticed my battery only lasts 4.5 hours TOTAL. She said that was correct. Last week it was down to 2 hours. Two weeks ago I had gone into a T-mobile store and told them about the battery, the kid got my phone and took the 3G off. My question: Why offer 3G? No response. I was told by him and on several occasions by Customer Support to not use my phone as much as I did. WTF?!

The positive: YOUTUBE and INTERNET. It was real time and quick, but like they told me, if you used it, then you better have a spare battery or an electric outlet or your p.c. to connect the damn thing to recharge it. Oh and I forgot, on different, sporadic moments while charging, the battery would get hot, I mean super hot.

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