Thursday, February 19, 2009

A night in the office

Post production is a totally different area then pre-production. The post production coordinator walks over to the post production assistant (who sits right across from my boss's office) and tells him that he needs to find a hard drive pronto. He gives him the specs and the post p.a. starts wondering where he should go. My boss gets in on the action (she had no business doing that) so the post p.a. starts arguing with her and finally doesn't do anything at all. My boss starts bugging him to find it and he says, "well, I thought you were going to do it?" She then says that there is nothing in the office depot catalogue (we have an account with them) and he says he found it on their website. She says since it isn't in the catalogue we can't order it. He gets up laughing and says that doesn't make sense and they both end up at the bay of the editor that needs the hard drive. Editors are people that work by themselves. Food is constantly bought for them because all they do is sit in their bay, for the most part and edit. The set-up of the bays are really elaborate with loud speakers so each editor works with their doors shut. This particular editor is married to another editor that works three doors away. My boss and the post p.a. are arguing and the editor starts saying something and my boss leaves that bay to go to the husband's bay and says: "will you go handle your wife!" All hell broke lose with the wife, she was HOT. Really hot.

I just want to this day and age, what female would go and say to a male, "will you go handle your wife"?

My boss ended up making a big deal to the post p.a.'s immediate boss and that guy got an earful about my boss from the editor (the wife). Then my boss was walking around our side (pre-production) asking if she was in the wrong and bitching about it.


cris said...

what a pain in the ass she is!

p.Johanna said...

OMG, I saw that I had one comment and I was thinking someone was going to write what a PAIN IN THE ASS she is...yes, she is.