Monday, February 16, 2009


So a fight broke out at the bar!

An Angels fan made a comment about having to share the restroom with the Dodgers fan," explains the OC Register. "The Dodgers fan responded by making a profane comment about the Angels and the two began fighting. The fight spilled into the bar where the Dodgers fan pulled out a folding pocket knife and slashed the Angels fan behind the neck, on the ear and wrist."

The knife-sporting Dodgers enthusiast ran off the premises and is still missing. He was last seen wearing--what else?--a blue Dodgers jacket.

That is what the Angels fan from the O.C. gets, who in their right mind would talk shit about los Dojers or Raider nation?

My problem is this: IS IT BASEBALL SEASON? HUH?! IS IT?! NO, it's not! So I say both of you should have gotten your asses beat!

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