Monday, April 13, 2009


ok, my fault, i am officially a lazy procrastinator...seriously. I have been working, since Saturday, on my tax receipts and tomorrow night I am meeting my tax guy. I HATE THIS!

it's a good thing that my LADY FRIEND, is gone on vacation and that i am currently not working...IT'S A BAD THING THAT I GET EASILY DISTRACTED WITH MY PHONE AND RANDOM STUFF, LIKE A PIECE OF LINT ON MY PJ'S...

although i feel really stressed and depressed, i am glad that i am currently not working and i can get this done.

another thing on my mind, that i never got to blog about:

these past two months and getting used to 'dating' and now in a relationship have reminded me how hard it is to be with someone. you know, first there was the drama of the ex showing up. then suddenly we both had flat tires on our cars. then there was the PMSing stage and i had no clue it was PMS time and i suddenly was hurting her feelings and then realizing that it had to do with PMS. then there is the issue of the dog...yeah, that issue combined with my cat. then there is the issue of how different we both are and how i am more aware of the differences and i tend to point out the differences, matter of fact, but it turns out to be translated differently in her head and then i get really frustrated and i have ended up throwing everything away, ONLY managing to hurt her, even though it wasn't meant as such. yeah, i forgot...but, again BUT, it so much better to have someone to share life with. i really didn't realize how much fun a loving, truthful relationship can be.

so, while she is on vacation, for a month, i'm here trying to sort out the chaos of my personal life. a life that i haven't much shared with her. it takes a lot for me to open up about me, and she is smart enough to sense it and ask, and smart enough to know when to back down and let me be. i love that about her.

on a different note, she is really into me and it amazes me.

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