Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hostess to the Mostest!

i killed jenny

So, I decided to host the L Word premier at my place. Yes, I sure did. I have never, ever, hosted anything at my own place. I hate the thought of stressing and suddenly here I am doing just that. Want to know what I have in my fridge? BEER. I am definitely not going to cook and I am thinking of telling everyone that if they don't drink beer (I know of one for sure) to bring their own drink. ha ha ha.

So, on Saturday I plan on cleaning and buying some red pillows for my couch. I'm thinking of ordering pizza and letting peeps know: I AM ORDERING PIZZA and I DON'T LIKE PEPPERONI.

About the L-Word, I am seriously hoping the first episode kicks arse and isn't what everyone is showing on the net.

I AM SO GLAD THAT WHINY, CONNIVING, LITTLE TWIT IS DONE~! now if they can only bring Carmen back...

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