Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Liars Are Easy To Spot

Ever met a good liar? I haven't. They are easy to spot. They tend to be good talkers, and when they talk something in their body will always give them away. It is easy to spot. Now, on the net, you don't see body language but it is also easy to spot. Especially from those that tend to try and pass off stuff as written by them. It's in the "language".

The problem with liars is that they start believing their own lies. When this happens they don't realize what an ass they are making of themselves. The numbers should show them, but since they are swimming on the river of denial they don't equate one with the other.

On a different note, work is becoming a burden. As much as I try and stay positive she is bringing me down. What should be a fun, upbeat environment, is actually a burden. I'm not wanting to go in the office and every chance I get I take off. Today I seriously contemplated driving home instead of my destination.

I spoke to a camera op and was telling him how I was feeling. He told me he understood exactly what I was saying. He had the same experience and told me he had to talk to his boss one day. I told him I have and he said to hang in there. It is hard to find other Hispanics in the industry. I agreed with that remark. I listened to him for a while and he did make me feel better.

I notice that when people are insecure and they feel threatened they have to make sure they shit on the one they percieve to be a threat. The only thing that keeps me strong is knowing that when the person is wrong, payback is a bitch.

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