Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Sister's Keeper

From the New York Times. I had no idea that there were "womyn's" only communes.
THEY called it a lesbian paradise, the pioneering women who made their way to St. Augustine, Fla., in the 1970s to live together in cottages on the beach. Finding one another in the fever of the gay rights and women’s liberation movements, they built a matriarchal community, where no men were allowed, where even a male infant brought by visitors was cause for debate.

Reading the article, I can see how women of their generation would have the thoughts that they have, but I don't think it is true now-a-days. For example, "Men are violent" so are women: Ex sets lesbian daughter of N.Y. Jets owner hair on fire. Huffington Post Lesbian Writer Kills Self and Ex "Wife".

Thinking about it, I would totally like to live in a neighborhood with lesbians, but can you imagine the DRAMA? What about those couples that have that one very insecure wife? Can you imagine the insecurity? The checking up on you, mission impossible style? (cue mission impossible song) Your walking to your neighbors, all nonchalant, just to chit chat, maybe talk about why your weeds just don't die. You are both sitting around the kitchen, discussing the View when your neighbor screams that she thinks she sees someone in her back yard. You both rush to the patio window and it is your WIFE! How embarrassing. What about when you get in trouble? You know when you piss your wife off, she is chewing your ass off and you hear everyone's phone ringing in the background.

On another note, that thing I'm obsessing about, I found a culprit. She has no choice, I am dragging her ass with me. The good thing was, although she really hesitated, she thinks it sounds like fun. I left out the sobriety thingy.

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