Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Last night someone was making a whoop to do over being "Pro-Life", which caused me to let her know why I am pro-choice and I feel that every women should have that choice because of my story. It caused me to ponder at night:

I wonder if they can't look at me in the eyes, because of it?
I wonder if they are so heavily involved with religion, because of it?
I wonder if that is why they don't contact me (out of sight out of mind), because of it?
What do they think when they see me?
Do I remind them of it?

I think pretty soon I will hit him up on it. I want to know the story.

Children that are not wanted, but kept, aren't going to have a happy childhood. Even if they are sent to adoption, they run the risk of not being placed, and if they are, they run the risk of not being truly loved, unconditionally.

Besides all that, what right does anyone have to not allow others to have a choice?

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Clint said...

Thanks for the comment on my picture.

I had to comment on the this post because I am completely sick of those who chose to try and force their religious beliefs on everyone else. Abortion should be up to the individual and not up to someone else's perception of morals.