Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Remember today...

what an EF'd up day i have had, and it had nothing to do with my job. i have been busy at work, but this morning when i woke up and was getting ready, i didn't think i was going to see what i saw.

i drove to work and decided to buy bagels for the office. as i had the bagels and got to my desk, i hooked up my laptop and started reading the "comments" i clicked on the link and next thing you know, i knew, i knew the minute i read the title. i got interrupted and had it on the back of my mind, so i brought it up on my cell phone and continued reading and it was ALL A MESS. not just grammatically, but the IDEA, the THOUGHT, the POINT, it wasn't ME. and when, when has anyone heard me say, "i am LATINO"? so, i read a comment posted and i replied to that comment, stating, "i didn't write that, i agree with you" i didn't throw anyone into the fire. immediately i got the private e-mails from HER. i ignored them, because i was pissed. 3 were received, i finally thought things through and replied, "after much consideration, take me off everything." the response was just as simple: "that is best for all". i dropped it.

later on in the day (i have been really busy) i get an e-mail, about it. it called me out, someone that knows me on a personal level, knew. i said, well, i commented on there, she replied, "where? it's not on there". i sent a polite e-mail to take me off or change the name, and that it wasn't cool that my comment was deleted, what ensued was a literal fight. literal. i don't know if she thought i was going to back down, or what.

the whole point? i stand for TRUTH, JUSTICE AND HONESTY. i've told them before and i have said that in my postings. if there is one thing i detest, is hypocrisy. i hate that. how can i, a shit talker, allow that? i can't. i don't stand for anything that i don't spew.

what a mess. and all in all, even though she said i write like shit, i can honestly smirk and say, maybe to you i do, but there were people that liked it and there were people that followed it and there were people that understood it. besides, i know i don't.

i'm not a puppet, i thought that was clear from the get go. i'm not a follower, i thought you saw that. i stand on my own two feet, and i back myself up. you want to start a revolution, do it from your mouth. don't hide behind my name or my face. call my writing shit, but you want to know something? thanks to you and your site, people were approaching me.

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