Tuesday, January 27, 2009


<a href="http://www.logoonline.com/video/?id=1601834&vid=321535" target="_blank">RuP: Eyelashes Make The Girl</a>
This is Jade. I really liked her, when she was Jade, and one time I told her, as Jade and she giggled and flirted and batted her eyelashes. It was when she was wearing that baby blue dress. Her ultimate dream was to be J-LO. She is the only child and still lives with her mom because they are extremely close. That is what you call: UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. I had asked HIM (David) how his mom reacted to this (the dressing) and he said, "OH GIRL, MY MOM WENT SHOPPING AND BOUGHT ME MY CLOTHES!"

When they went on the show they had to relinquish everything, especially their cell phones. Jade/David was very stressed about this because she/he wanted to make sure her/his mom was aware that she/he was safe. It was a big deal for her/him.

We had them up at a hotel and David was one of the ones that snuck out...it was a BIG deal.

Keep in mind, I was with them when they were HIM and I got to watch the whole transformations to HER. I mean the WHOLE transformation. I was the person that would hold or find the DUCT TAPE...yes, they used DUCT TAPE to tuck "it".