Friday, February 6, 2009

Bored at work...

So, that thing I have been obsessing about and I just haven't mentioned for fear of reminding you guys and having you guys talk me into going...well, I just got a text from my friend that I am dragging with me. "Hey, what's going on 4 2morrow?" The minute I saw it, I rolled my eyes and I sighed. See, I feel overweight, I don't know what to wear and I am a chicken. I think with the way my schedule has been for the past three years I have become a hermit. So, I thought for a good half hour and responded, "LET'S GO, BE AT MY HOUSE BY 1:30". I haven't gotten a response, so I'm thinking now SHE is getting cold feet.

Either way, I really am going to force myself to go. I hope it rains so I can dress in layers. I looked up the weather and supposedly its gonna be a thunderstorm. Now the only problem with that, is that people might not go, you know how people in LA LA land react to RAIN. I just wanna have fun, that is it. I really start chuckling when I think about it. I have thought of questions:
1. Are you in some kind of sobriety program?
2. How do you feel about Michael Phelps and his famous picture?
3. How do you feel about cats that think they are lions?
4. What do you think of my dimple?
5. Are you getting my sense of humor yet?

I'm not gonna lie, my sisters birthday (my 'twin') is next Wednesday and my other sister (the baby sis) e-mailed the husband and cc'd me asking him if he is doing anything for her b-day this weekend or next. After some back and forth I finally e-mailed I had something planned for Saturday afternoon, so there you have it. I am most definitely going, I think.

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