Friday, February 6, 2009

RuPaul's Drag Race

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Ok, so, one of them was the favorite of RuPaul, which becomes to be the dislike of the others. Tammie Brown, is bizarre. Shannel is very strict with her body. She did not drink a lot of fluids so as not to have to untuck and go to the restroom. One of them talked some major shit and forgot she was still mic'd. The judges were told about what was said about them. Akashia loves men. I mean, that bitch was crazy. She also told me she didn't date African Americans, she loved the vanilla, and what I loved about her was that she would see the crew guys that were literally afraid of them and she would seek them out. One time, she stopped the set designer (straight) and told him to hug her, and he looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulder, so he hugged her and it was like a one second thing, and tried to get Akashia off of him. Akashia was hugging tightly and finally I stepped in and told him (he was half dragged) to let go, because he wouldn't. The set designer looked like he felt violated, but I will tell you, after that, he was very relaxed around all of them.

We, in production, had to assign one person that would contact Ru's manager, to communicate with Ru. That is right, the rest of us were told to not talk to her.

This is the one and only show that I worked on that everyone on the crew, and I mean EVERYONE, was following and paying attention. It was so bad that when I was second A.D. the first A.D. told me to keep everyone off the stage. We couldn't walk. People were sitting on the floor away from the camera's but right ON STAGE.

I remember when the "girls" first came out all the guys were busy staring and then some of them felt weird that they WERE staring that they would trip out.

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