Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Call


So, one of my friends broke up. Calls me and texts me last night. She's ready to play and wanted to know if I was ready. I told her yes.

We spoke this morning. She asked me why I had replied so late last night. I gave her the fyi. She was laughing. She knows me well, knows my feelings about height. We go way back, and like most of my friends, know me like a book and when we go out they goat me. They tend to like to go out with me, because somehow we always end up having fun.

She is messing around with a 23 year old. Says the 23 year old has lots of friends. I laughed at her, told her I already said yes, doesn't need to sell me the idea. She said she wasn't selling it, was preparing me for the ride. I told her I'm not like before. I'm different. Lots has changed. She wanted to know what, I told her I don't know, I'm not the same. She said she will see when we go out.

I'm not the same. I realized after talking to her. She is my rough neck friend. I met her at this bar after one of my friends got into drama, this one jumped in, twice, two different occassions. Somehow she has always been loyal towards me and always protective. She gets tied quickly and I go out with her and her gf's and she is always trying to hook me up.

So, we shall see...


cris said...

Get on that ride, strap on (no pun intended here) that seatbelt, hold on tight and enjoy the ride! You deserve it!

p.Johanna said...

thanks man...i do don't i?