Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two Things

I just got back from seeing my friend. I realized that I am used to getting my way, AT ALL TIMES, and she didn't let me. That was number one. Number two: isn't it funny how all of a sudden people start popping out of the wood work?

I had a rough one at work. I mean, I was busy. I get back to work and was able to leave early and I told my friend that I just wanted to leave my work, so I was going to meet her where I feel comfortable. As I was driving to see her, this Mercedes starts honking, I look over and this woman is telling me to put my window down. I did and she yells something, me, I just look like an idiot, 'smile' and keep driving. So she sees me at the next light, her window is down, so I put my window down and she yells, "where you going!?" light turns green and I take the next street to the right. I don't like that shit.

So, I get to the bar and I happen to be outside of it when she calls, which means I get to see her walk up to me. Now, let me tell you what she did earlier. She e-mailed me a picture of her in her bikini...and I liked it. I liked it so much that I show it to a guy at work and tell him, "dude, I was hung up on her height, but after looking at this, I can handle it" and he was like YEAH!

So, I watch her walk up to me and I like what she is wearing, but the thing of it is, I'm not lying, when she walks next to me, my head is like all the way back to look UP at her. So, it bugs me. It bugs me a lot.

We had good, convo and this time I'm like really looking at her. I really look at her eyes to see if they are blue. And you want to know something? HER PUPILS ARE SO DILATED THAT ALL I SEE IS BLACK, THAT IS WHY I DIDN'T SEE THE BLUE, so I start smirking. I really start laying on the stare and she starts getting uncomfortable. Anyway, good dinner, we move on to the bar.

We go to the bar and she goes in on one end of this booth and I go through the opposite end onto the corner. She starts bitching at me, about how she has to round the whole booth. I shrug my shoulder to that. I start drinking and yeah, bikini on my mind I wanna kiss her, so I pull her towards me. She complains. She tells me she isn't used to being with someone that is like a guy. Says I am too aggressive, but you know what, THAT IS ME! My God, I am like that, if I feel turned on, I want you, nothing to it.

She wants me to meet her half way. She wants me to move towards her. She wants me to be the way she wants me to be.

So, I didn't get my way. We made out, but she kept voicing how she isn't used to someone like me...and all I kept thinking was: YOU SHOULDN'T HAVE SHOWN ME THAT BIKINI...

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