Monday, February 16, 2009

the L word: UFO on set

You really can't see it too good on here but at 5:30 someone tried to put a cell phone or a camera and take a picture of the set.

Thanks to BFF's gf in pointing that out.

I just want to say that if someone was going through MY phone she would have gotten a Chris Brown reaction. Ok, ok, maybe not that bad, but Shane is an idiot. With all the chicks, including NIKKI she chooses to deal with PSYCHO? Their sex life doesn't even seem to be worth all this banter.

I forced Carmen to watch this with me and she says Shane is a "pendeja" and she deserves to look like a chump.

So far, everyone has a desire to kill Jenny, including me. Ok, I am now confessing, I got rid of her. I went on set and no one saw me. I got rid of her whinny, lying, hypocritical, obnoxious ass.

My bff believes it was suicide. I know it was Karma, and in the meantime one of them gets framed so she can have her own show.

Helena looks pissed off all of the time. She was still uptight when she was getting done by stupid Dylan who doesn't know how to unfasten a bra.

Ok, and finally, I'm calling the make-up department and complaining against Screech's school mate, she has more oil on the L-word then she did in high school!

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