Monday, February 16, 2009

It's a Miracle!

Gosh, I went to Denny's and LOOK! That is a picture of me! I am God or a Saint! Maybe the Virgen P?

On Friday I went with my bff and her girl to play broom ball. It is hockey with no ice skates (thank God...or me) on a ice rink. During the first half I was told by my bff's girl and mom that I wasn't running on the ice. The thing of it is, in my mind, I don't have health insurance and I didn't feel like eating ice, bad. But after her mom told me that, I came back strong. I was all over the place and then I turned and there was my bff on her stomach spinning like a 180 through the ice and her brand new blackberry was behind her sliding on the ice.jade sliding on the ice Pictures, Images and Photos I was trying to get the phone, worried about it, practically pushing my bff out of the way and someone else grabbed it. Meanwhile, my bff looked like a turtle that couldn't get up. She was face down, though. Her lil bro, the birthday boy, grabbed her and took her like an injured football player off the ice. I went up to her and her glasses were all fogged and her face was red. She was breathing heavily and was leaning against the wall. The first thing out of my mouth was: "DUDE, IS YOUR PHONE OK?" Immediately she put her glasses abover her head looked at me and started laughing. I then asked her, "what were you waiting for? The whistle and the flag? You didn't get up." Thank god she knows I'm an ass and just laughs. She was ok, just bruised her knee.

On saturday I went to my sisters. We were celebrating the middle one's birthday. Like always I had a blast. We watched a really good bootleg copy of Taken and it was great.

Sunday I had major laundry to do. I had left my cell in the car, that is when you know that I am not HAPPY with a phone, when I leave it laying around. I got a call from another chick from that thing I did. I didn't get a chance to call her back and I forgot to bring the number with me at work, so I won't be able to call her back till tomorrow. I don't know how late is late, ya know. You know what is weird, both of them called me at 3p.m. I find that early. My bff and her girl came over to watch the L word and Wanted. It was great. That was my weekend.

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