Thursday, February 12, 2009

My sister

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This picture reminds me of my middle sister, my "twin". It was her birthday yesterday, FYI. Anyway, she was always a scardy cat. She was very girlie and a cry baby as we were growing up.

Our house had a pool and for some reason we would always have parrots and parakeets and even canaries flying to get a drink at our pool. Me, the tomboy that I am and being bored to death, I would sometimes sit outside, like my cat, waiting. I was lucky on many occasions, but on this particular time, I caught a parakeet that looked just like the one in the picture. He was really cool and I would always be able to put him on my shoulder.

Well, my sister, the scardy cat, would tell me to stay away from her. For some reason my bird felt her and I put him on my finger and I raised my hand and he took off like a humming bird. She started screaming, not moving, just screaming and the bird flew around her head three times and then flew right back to me. I was cracking up, my sister was balling and shaking and all red in the face and stormed out to her room, scared.

She was about 11 years old.

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