Friday, February 13, 2009

Got a phone call

From that thing I went to last Saturday. Upon talking she said she was 6 ft 1! That is a lot of chick, and the only one I remember that tall was the Czec chick, and this wasn't her.

Anyway, sounds nice. I don't remember her, for the life of me. I don't think it was on my list that they just called me, but it has to be, right?

We left off on meeting up for a drink next Thursday. My area. So, cause it was my area she wanted me to tell her where, but I don't like doing that, cause my area is the hetero world and I told her I'd rather her area (WeHo), but she wants my area. So, does that mean I clean my apartment?

hummm, the Vajay-jay, shots...Africa...diagrams...WTF?!


cris said...

I wish my mom would have gave me this talk. It would have made everthing better! I want stew now!

p.Johanna said...

someone needs to give ME that talk...