Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Only in LA LA land

So, last night our channel 7 news didn't give the full news because they were on this like flies on shit. At first the rumor was, since it was a white BENTLEY, it was Chris Brown, but then this picture sparked someone else:
PhotobucketDJ Khaled from the Terror Squad. Photobucket. What ensued was DRAMA as we know it. Callers started calling in and telling the news media it was the DJ. Twitter started going crazy trying to get a hold of the DJ to find out if it was him or not. Bloggers started blogging and keeping up to the minute posts. Myspace and Facebook were being checked and it was just a technological buzz! People started following where the chase was at and the papparrazi was on the tail of the cops. People were rushing to get pictures with their cells and send them back to blogs or twitter or both.

And then, finally, the DJ sent a lone message at 1:59 a.m. on his myspace stating he is in Miami and he doesn't know what the DRAMA is all about.

Turns out, this wasn't Chris Brown pulling an O.J. and it wasn't DJ Khaled. It was some poor chomp that got into a fight at 3 in the afternoon with his chick and all this technological buzz didn't give him any other way out, but to commit suicide.

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