Monday, February 9, 2009


On two different shows I have been told I am an overachiever. Even though I have been told that, with this show I think I became a slacker.

My boss broke me, she won, I waved the white flag a while back and not only did I let her win, I allowed her to smash my perception of my self. See, I couldn't win her over. The show is now over I have possibly about a month left. I am insecure and feel down. Since October I have had to work with a bitch from hell.

I was like the step child. She talked shit about me, would mimic me on the phone, and I would hear her. Would offer people stuff and if no one wanted it would then ask me. I complained and was told that if I wasn't happy then maybe I should find something else. I looked, but wasn't lucky. The irony of it, she is the laughing stock of the whole production team. No one, but the one that counts likes her, and even she has talked shit about her.

She isn't afraid of not being professional. She will ask for swag, and not just one thing but for her mom too. She uses company resources for herself but will shout at someone if they do the same. She takes things, from the food we buy for the office to napkins to props, whatever, she will take. For the last taping I got a poster for my nephew, the producer in charge asked me if I wanted one, she yelled not to give me anything. He just looked at her.

Those that sit near her have to sit in the dark, because she feels the lights are too bright. That is her way of saving the network money. We don't see those kinds of bills, but she goes around shutting off bathroom lights or even desk lamps. She tries to haggle a personal deal with vendors, if she needs them on a personal level. You know pull shit like the ex Governor of Illinois. She is an only child and that is exactly how she acts.

She has embarrassed me on several occassions. She is quick to rat me out if I make a mistake and the part that frustrates me the most, she makes me so uptight and nervous that I have committed stupid mistakes. The one thing I couldn't figure out with her if it had to do with my race or gender, although the answer isn't of importance.

I know that because of her, chances are this production company won't ask me back, only because the one that counts likes her and well that is how shit happens.

I will though get my revenge. I know that in life, things always turn around, and I will see her again.

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