Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Results

I just got a phone call from Farina. Remember, I had to mark the people by YES or NO and then if the people I marked, marked me as a YES we would get the numbers exchanged. Now, I told you guys that I did "a couple" and then stopped altogether. Well, the "couple" that I did were four and that is exactly the number of phone numbers I just got, 4. Problem is, I don't remember them. That doesn't surprise me, cause I am always in the habit of doing that crap at the clubs too.

The problem that arises out of this situation is that I am very passive with this kind of crap. I don't pursue, UNLESS its a hot looking chick that always turns out to be a tranny.

While talking to Farina I told her that my BFF says hi. She asked me who that was and I went into detail in describing my BFF and her chick. She was very happy to hear that that is my BFF and that she is saying hi and she went into detail in telling me to go to this:
Take your Swift Dating connection to the Valentine's Love Ball, or go solo and meet other single women for a night of dancing, music and food.

So, I asked, how many women do you think are showing up? She said 68 have RSVP. Now, if I do, then I will be the magic number. Starts at 8 and she says that I don't have to take a date that all the single people will have a sticker or something STAMPED (my word) on them.

BFF, I would really like it if you went.

Now, about them numbers...

i rsvp'd for that dance, only cause I like to think of myself as number 69, I also sent her a picture of me. See, when I saw Farina in person, I didn't introduce myself as my BFF's friend and over the phone she got all excited that I knew my BFF. Right now, I concocted an idea: if she knows what I look like, she just might have a "friend" that would want to meet me...

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