Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Tammie Brown got the boot

If you think the beginning with the lighting was a joke, it wasn't. RuPaul is VERY picky about the lighting. It was a pain in the butt. Akashia was nothing but a boss in this episode. She didn't bother helping at all and it was pissing off the rest of the chicks in her group, with that said though, they would not really talk shit about each other. They refused to. They would tell me on the side that when they were getting interviewed they knew that it was to show them fighting on t.v. and they didn't want that. After this statement by Rebecca the other chicks were disliking her. Remember, I mentioned that there was one of them that RuPaul favored, have you figured it out yet?

The whole point of "SECURITY", remember, they had heard Akashia talking shit, and she didn't realize that she was still mic'd so they were trying to bring out the 'ghetto' on camera, Akashia was "kind of" aware of that and was trying to hold back.

The Judges are not scripted.

The thing about them taking their shoes off, it was a FIGHT with the Director. He would get pissed and we would have to re-take a lot of shots, cause some would have their shoes on and suddenly it looked like they were off. Drama with the heels and the girls bitching that their feet hurt.

There was an infestation of ants in their dressing room, specifically where they kept their MAC make up. We were constantly spraying ant spray because it was such a mess back there and they would scream that the ants were in their MAC make-up.

What you don't see is that they tried, over and over and over to get Tammie Brown to talk shit and she refused. She started acting really crazy and would answer questions with other stuff, way off.

I'm gonna admit something here, when Akashia did her lip sync for life, I also cried. I saw how they were beating her before and when she lipped synced she was seriously determined to show them that she wanted to stay. I was never attached to a cast as I was with them.

I had a conversation with Bebe, she is from Africa, and I had asked her if her parents always knew about her. She said that she started cross dressing at a very young age and that her mom would buy her girls clothes. She said that she was very fortunate to have had very supportive parents. She said because of this, she wants to represent Africa properly. Represent Africa she did, when she busted out with that tight outfit and the lion hair, there was this one "straight" producer that would get all smiley and giggly like a school boy. I had asked Bebe what she thought of him, in terms of sexuality, she was like, "OH GIRL, THOSE KIND OF MEN ARE THE ONES THAT ARE ALWAYS THE BOTTOMS".

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