Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So, last night I got the million dollar question via e-mail: "what color are my eyes?" I immediately shot back, "why are you testing me?" While laughing and trying to remember...my first thought was blue, but then I thought, maybe brown. She shot back that I am bad. I shot back that I know but that I don't know why she would have to resort to asking me. She replied back with everything about me, the colors I wore, down to the necklace I had on. I was impressed to say the least, so I replied, "blue, they are blue, stop tripping." She fired back that I had a 50/50 chance (I was so panning on that) and that I was lucky to have guessed right. (whew!)

Then she told me she is going to have to send her friend and see if I noticed. So I PLAYFULLY asked the specs on the friend...she says I'm bad.

I don't think I am bad. I can't help myself. The only time that I will remember everything about her, will be after sex. My mind works like that. I mean I am attentive, unless it is EXPECTED from me, then I become an ass.

I think the situation here is the pimp is trying to play the player and it's not working out very well.

I have never really played, although I have been accussed of that, but I guess I am a player in the sense that I don't throw myself out there quickly and I don't get on the hook easily.

I think she is the pimp/player and I think that is what is nagging me. I'm down to play, just don't get your feelings hurt...

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