Sunday, February 22, 2009

Update on my friend

I chose no on the Truck Stop for Friday night. I wasn't really feeling it. We have talked on the phone, sent text and e-mailed. Today over the phone she told me she is worried, says she is really feeling me and never has felt for someone and dated others. I told her not to think too much about it. I wasn't asking her to marry me, so why worry? She was quiet.

I told her, I'm gonna be honest here. All of my ex's became gfs right off the bat. I told her, I really don't know what I feel about you and I am not going to put a clamp on you. Date. Don't worry, just be honest with me. I'm cool.

She is really smart, speaks french, not perfect, but speaks it and throws spanish out there too. I like that. She is also a volunteer for the Trevor Project, which I also liked. She is nice.

Her conclusion about me? That I am being 'reserved'. She says she is ok with that. My conclusion about her? I really don't know. Something inside me is nagging me and I don't know what exactly it is. I do know that she kind of reminds me about my last August experience: nice, not really my type, and I don't want to be the cause of hurt.

I also don't want to feel like someone is putting the clamp on me. We have a date for Tuesday. I'll see...

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