Friday, February 20, 2009

It's All About Me

I wanted to e-mail you about me. Just so you get an overall on me, not for anything else. I will throw out what I think about myself. I think I am pretty chill and laid back, sometimes maybe too much. I like to do things, and try new things. I love my sisters and their kids and like to spend time with them, even though they get on my nerves. I am also picky, after working at a hospital for three years, there are certain things that catch my eye... or maybe that my eyes check. I am also inquisitive about the most random things. I will ask questions about things that interest me and sometimes people don't find what I find interesting, interesting. I have a dry, sick, random sense of humor. I can also be a prankster. I love to laugh and I love to make others laugh. I love with passion, and sometimes that passion can get me into trouble. Here comes the bad temper. It is controlled, but when pissed off, i'm pissed off. I tend to swallow a lot of what might offend me or bother me and then i will bust like a volcano, but, again, only if provoked. i'm imperfect and i'm aware of that. i have my insecurities, but since i am a private person, i will keep them tightly hidden and just deal with them, in my own way. i don't think i am possessive, but, if i sense something then yeah, that might come out. i am not a jealous person at all, but if i love passionately, of course i will verbalize if something is bugging me, but i am always open to talk and discuss, sometimes too much.

i can be an asshole. i try to work on that negative aspect, but it is me. i am a baby when sick, but when someone else is sick, i don't dote. i give compliments, but sometimes i don't. i get embarrassed when i get compliments and don't know how to react to them. i love to flirt. i love to play. i'm a big kid at heart.

my parents weren't parents. so, i might not have learned a lot of human qualities while growing up. one of them is love. my sisters and I didn't start saying "i love you" to each other until my niece was born. She taught us what love is. we were loved with conditions and our religion also had a lot of conditions so now as an adult i seek someone to love me unconditionally, but i kind of don't know what that is.

i am a visual person, but like to be stimulated with my brain. that turns me on. yes, i'm a doer in bed. i love to be the top, because women just fascinate me, especially when they are sexy. let me share the profile i had on match, i think it is me:
i just wanna make you smile, laugh and love to hate me. i want you to be happy so that you can make me happy. let's play together.

I consider myself a funny, serious and reserved person. If you win my heart and I chose to give it to you, I promise that I will make you laugh and when you cry I will be there to comfort you. I am very imperfect and I promise to work on what makes you angry or upset or what bothered you. I will be considerate, but at the same time I will forget, I am human. I will be easy going and I will forgive you if you make a mistake...but at the same time, I am not stupid and I will not let you walk all over me. I want us to work on things together. I want us to learn about each other slowly and at the same time, I want to know everything about you right away. Am I patient? Probably not, but that is when you come in and put the smack down...bring me back to reality and remind me why I love you. I need you just about as much as you want me in your life. Yes, I will put my foot in my mouth, but, gee I know you think my dimple is cute and I will melt your heart. I don't know, give me a chance and we'll see where this leads us to.
for fun:
i work hard, so what do i do for fun?, or yeah...i like to play, i like to joke, i like to smell the sun and the grass. i love to watch tv and cuddle, i love to dance and i love to drink, the cigar, that happens once in a while, too.

my job:
ask me, and i will let you know.

my ethnicity:
Paternal grandpa, full german, maternal grandpa full chinese. parents and grandmas, central american. one day doesn't go by that at least one person will ask me, WHAT R U?

my religion:
i believe in a higher being and i believe that that higher being is with me and watches over me. i just don't believe in organized religion.

my education:
NURSING and then figured out that i didn't want to do that for the rest of my life. now i'm doing something completely different.

favorite hot spots:
i live in california. I love cali, and anything in the west hollyweird area. i can take you to a bar or i can take you to a cafe. i can behave at a bookstore or i can behave at church. im just ez going and im open to anything.

favorite things:
Thai food, sushi, japanese food, spicy and sweet. not together, i like spicy, and i also like sweet. i love to dress in black, red or baby blue. not all three together but those are my favorite colors. i love to cuddle when it is raining.

last read:
call me by your name by andre aciman

so, what you think?


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