Thursday, October 15, 2009



Dear P.Johanna,

You signed the petition, Protect Marriage, Protect Children, Prohibit Divorce, on Jan 26, 2009. The petition received 7791 signatures. The petition author, No On Prop 8, has now closed the petition and posted the results:

Message from the petition author, No On Prop 8:


Person Who Signed the Prohibit Divorce Petition (Created in November, 2008),

Thank you so much for your support.

I was recently contacted by another person with a similar petition that has gained traction recently. Please see the below email that this person sent me. If you're interested then he would love your support!

Thank you,

As a past supporter of the "Protect Marriage, Protect Children, Prohibit Divorce" Petition, the supporters of the 2010 California Marriage Protection Act seek your support to safeguard traditional marriage by banning divorce. We have already filed our initiative with the Secretary of State and are planning a big, Wedding March on the Capitol on November 14th.

Remember, you said, until death do us part. You said I do and are not dead yet.

Please join our fan page on Facebook or get all the complete details on our website: Rescue Marriage! We need your help to get this on the ballot and end the EVILS OF DIVORCE!!

Here is also a link to our recent PSA.

Thank you for your support in bringing this vision to reality!

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