Thursday, October 16, 2008

"Being gay doesn't define me"

i just read that on someone's blog, i've heard that before but never understood what that meant, i mean how could it not? right now with that proposition 8 going around all i hear is smack talk on it. i accept that some people do not accept gays, but when you start talking about what is next, marrying your pet, how could that not bother me? i remember a while back my sister needed me to babysit, she was going to go on a double date. the other couple had a daughter around the same age as my nephew and the father of this daughter was very uncomfortable with me watching her. my sister asked him why and kept asking until he said, "well, you know, your sister is gay" now, number one, i never came out to him, and number two he was defining me, so either way, it does define me.

people don't know that i identify as being gay because i don't walk around with a sign saying I AM GAY. so, what always happens is that the crap talking will start around me about gays. there was this one job that the person straight out talked about this gay guy (i would have never known he was) and how it's a choice and started throwing bible versus about him. it made me really uncomfortable, because i didn't want to DEFINE myself as one. the day that i quit that job (about two weeks after) i came out to her. her face was so red and she was apologetic. i told her, we come in all sizes, styles and looks, just keep that in mind.

being gay does define me.

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~Julie Phineas~ said...

very good post and you are an inspiration for standing up for yourself. ;o)